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  • 500mg of Broad-spectrum CBD
  • CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDV
  • Enriched with beeswax and natural oils, peppermint, and menthol
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What is a CBD Roll-On? 

A CBD roll-on, also referred to as a CBD stick or CBD oil rub, is a topical product that’s been infused with varying amounts of CBD extract. These products are designed to be applied directly to the skin.

Typically, these types of products come in small bottles with a rollerball applicator — similar to ones you’d find on roll-on deodorants or perfumes.

Topical CBD rub often contains other ingredients, like carrier oils, essential oils, and herbal extracts that work to complement the soothing properties of the CBD inside. When applied to the areas that need the most support, the rollerball allows for an easier, more convenient application of the infused topical.

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How Does a CBD Roll-On for Pain Work?

Since you don’t consume a CBD roll-on, it works a bit differently than your average CBD product. Essentially, when applied to the skin, the CBD in the topical interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a system of receptors found throughout the body.

The ECS is responsible for ensuring that various biological functions are working as they should be, including working to regulate things like mood, sleep, appetite, pain response, and more.

CBD interacts with the receptors within the ECS, mostly the CB2 receptors found in the peripheral and immune system.

This results in concentrated relief happening in just the area that you apply the CBD roll-on to.

The exact results that you experience from your CBD stick are going to vary depending on your body chemistry, why you’re using it, and even the dosage of the CBD within the topical.

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Warning: If pregnant or suffering from illness, consult a doctor before use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Will Roll-On CBD Oil Make Me High?

No, a CBD roll-on will not make you high. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid within cannabis that doesn’t have the ability to produce psychoactive effects the way that THC does.

THC is the cannabinoid that’s responsible for creating the high results that most people associate with cannabis, and these CBD topicals do not have significant amounts of THC — if any at all.

However, even if your roll-on CBD oil contains a high amount of THC, it’s still unlikely to get you high. This is because, when you apply a topical, the cannabinoids aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream the way they are with other products.

Instead, they stay concentrated to the skin and do not cross the blood-brain barrier. Thus, the THC would stay in your skin and not in your blood, unable to create psychoactive effects.

Still, a federally legal CBD topical isn’t going to contain more than 0.3% THC by weight, and it is definitely not going to get you high. In fact, this is one of the biggest appeals of these types of products: no consumption, no worries about psychoactivity.

If you want to be absolutely sure that your CBD stick isn’t going to get you high, you can always check the product’s third-party lab test results to see the exact THC levels that are present.

Applying Your Roll-On CBD

Thankfully, applying a CBD roll-on is incredibly easy, making it a good option for beginners, as well as consumers both young and old. But, to break things down even more, here are some detailed instructions regarding your CBD cool stick and how to use it.

First, you want to make sure the area you’re applying the CBD roll-on relief to is clean. Clean it of any dirt, sweat, or other substances that may prevent ultimate absorption.

Next, you’ll want to shake your CBD oil roll-on. This helps to ensure that the CBD and other ingredients are properly mixed and evenly distributed.

Now, it’s time to apply! Hold the roll-on CBD in an upright position, allowing the rollerball to touch the skin without pressing too hard. Then, smoothly roll the CBD solution onto the desired area.

You can apply light pressure and move the roll-on back and forth or in circular motions. It’s best to start with a small amount and assess how it feels on your skin before applying more.

After you’ve applied the CBD evenly, you should then massage or rub the area, guaranteeing ideal absorption. (It also just feels great!)

From here, all you can do is wait. Let the CBD roll-on for pain absorb into the skin for a few minutes, avoiding covering the area with any clothing or bandages immediately to let the CBD penetrate efficiently.

The amount of time it’ll take for you to feel the CBD roll-on relief will vary, but you may start to feel some immediate relief from the cooling sensation of the topical.

How Often to Apply Your CBD Rub Stick

Some people may find that they get the best results from their CBD topical when they reapply it throughout the day. But, how often can you re-apply your CBD rub stick? What would be most effective?

Unfortunately, the frequency of reapplying your CBD roll-on can vary depending on factors such as the concentration of CBD, the severity of your pain or discomfort, and your individual response to the topical CBD oil itself.

Thankfully, products like a CBD freeze roll-on is generally considered safe, and you can likely reapply it as many times as you need throughout the day.

You just want to make sure you’re keeping a close eye on your skin to guarantee that it’s not having any sort of adverse reaction. If it is, stop using the roll-on CBD immediately.   

Are CBD Roll-Ons Legal? 

Yes, CBD roll-ons are federally legal in the United States, making getting them easier than ever before.

The 2018 Farm Bill worked to legalize hemp production in the US, and with this also came the legalization of hemp-derived cannabinoids and cannabinoid-based products. Thus, hemp-derived CBD like CBD topicals are federally legal as long as they do not contain more than 0.3% THC by weight.

So, a CBD roll-on that you buy online, theoretically, should be hemp-derived and not contain more than 0.3% THC by weight. As long as they follow these guidelines, you can buy these types of products online and have them shipped right to your door, all across the country.

CBD Roll-On for Pain Relief vs. Other CBD Topicals 

It’s important to note that CBD roll-ons for pain are just a specific type of CBD topical. CBD topicals, in general, are products that have been infused with CBD that are designed for topical application (and not consumption).

When compared to a CBD lotion, a CBD roll-on is going to be better for a no-mess application. You hardly have to touch the product, and there’s no residue left behind. It’s also a bit easier to apply thanks to the rollerball. However, CBD lotions are very beneficial in their own right, and may actually be a bit easier to find than a CBD roll-on.

You can also find CBD salves and balms if you prefer this kind of texture. These CBD topicals are great for smaller, more hard-to-apply locations, as you cannot easily use them for large-scale areas of the skin.

When choosing a CBD topical like a CBD roll-on, it’s important to consider where you want to apply it, as well as your go-to skincare textures. Do you tend to gravitate toward lotions, balms, roll-ons, or something different? No matter what your go-to is, there’s an infused CBD topical waiting for you.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Roll-On Products 

If you’re interested in purchasing some of the best CBD oil rub on the market, Try the CBD is the place to go.

Try the CBD offers a top-shelf CBD roll-on for your skin and achy joints. This broad-spectrum CBD roll-on is packed with 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract, giving your the body the targeted relief it needs in rapid time.

When you’re ready to experience some roll-on relief, let Try the CBD be your guide.


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