Graphene OS Smartphone (Google Pixel 7a 2023 Model) – The Private and Secure Cell Phone For Your Business

Original price was: $739.99.Current price is: $649.99.

You are Purchasing a Brand New Smartphone:
1 x Google Pixel 7a With GrapheneOS pre-installed

We take privacy very seriously, and accept a wide range of privacy focused payment methods such as:
Credit Cards, Airtm, CashApp, Crypto & Cash By Mail

All orders ship with tracking included at no extra cost

You are purchasing a Brand New Unlocked Google Pixel 7a with GrapheneOS Pre-Installed

The phone is brand new and the box has only been OPENED and phone taken out in order to install the Graphene Operating System.
If you wish to purchase the sealed unit by itself without the Graphene OS, or for any special requests message [email protected]


We follow installation instructions directly from
For more information about GrapheneOS, visit

This phone is geared towards small businesses, entrepreneurs, & privacy driven individuals.

If you are looking for the best in mobile security in 2023, then this is it! All devices will only be opened after a purchase is made to ensure the phone ships with the latest operating system. You can join the GrapheneOS IRC chat room for support or just to hang out as well as register to our website if you’re into marketing, sales & information security products and services.

We will be following the project very closely and a portion of profits made directly from Graphene os sales will be donated back to the GrapheneOS Project.

All of our store products are priced to sell fast, so don’t miss out! Email [email protected] with any questions or special requests.

Join the #grapheneos IRC channel to participate in the main discussion platform and community for GrapheneOS.

To join via the Riot Matrix web client, use this link and create a account:

To join #grapheneos via Freenode’s web client, use this link:


By purchasing from our store, you agree that all refund requests will be denied.
You can feel confident buying from us knowing you will receive the product advertised.
We do not allow buyers remorse, do not purchase from us if you are not 100% sure about your decision.

Our Google Pixel 7a Devices are NOT tied to any carriers, we purchase them directly from Google. They will come 100% unlocked with GrapheneOS pre-installed.

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