Jimi Rainbow Haze 6″ Black Hammer Sherlock Pipe


The Rainbow Hammer

The Rainbow Haze hammer-style sherlock hand pipe is made from thick, handblown borosilicate glass. Measuring 6”/15.24cm  in length, this pipe is perfect for sizable sessions at home. Rainbow Haze features a massive bowl that fits a substantial amount of herb. The built-in screen helps prevent ash and debris from falling through the hole while smoking. It has a large choke on the left hand side, which helps regulate air flow and makes your hit smoother. The classic pipe mouthpiece provides an enjoyable draw and is ergonomic to smoke from.

Rainbow Haze is a black hammer style sherlock pipe and has a white Famous Brandz star on the stem. It is also embellished with an epic rainbow image of the rock legend surrounded by a swirling cloud of smoke and Purple Haze text.

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