Glasscity Limited Edition Cobalt Blue Beaker Ice Bong


The Limited Edition Beaker Ice Bong by Glasscity is crafted from top-notch flame-polished borosilicate glass, making it great looking and durable.

This glass bong is not your average smoke buddy. Its beaker base design ensures stability while adding a touch of style to your session.

Chill out with the ice notches, allowing for a cooler, smoother inhale. And let’s not forget the golden Glasscity Limited Edition decal that adds a touch of class to the tube and base.

Upgrade your smoking experience with this Limited Edition Beaker Ice Bong. Elevate your sessions with style and quality. Cheers to good times ahead!

The Limited Edition Beaker Ice Bong comes in two colors and two sizes to fit everyones needs!

The small bong comes with a 10mm male herb bowl and the large comes with a 14.4mm male herb bowl.



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