Exotic THCa Hemp Flower – Mountain Dew (HYBRID)


Introducing our Exotic THCa Flower in the tantalizing Mountain Dew Hybrid strain, a true gem for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a unique and vibrant experience. Cultivated with utmost care and expertise, this hybrid strain boasts a harmonious blend of energizing Sativa and relaxing Indica effects. The Exotic THCa Flower in Mountain Dew Hybrid offers a sensory journey, featuring striking hues, a delightful aroma, and a smooth, flavorful smoke. With its high THCa content, this product is perfect for both recreational users looking for a euphoric lift and medical users seeking relief from various ailments. Elevate your senses and unwind in style with the exceptional Exotic THCa Flower in Mountain Dew Hybrid.

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1G Mountain Dew, 3.5G Mountain Dew, 7G Mountain Dew, 14G Mountain Dew, 1oz Mountain Dew


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