Exotic THCa Flower | Snowballs 🔥 | 3.G / 7G / 14G / 28G


Similar to the Moon Rocks concept, our THCa Snowballs are made by taking our top-shelf flower, typically priced at $45/8th, and giving it a gentle mist of distilled water, then rolling the nugs around in pure 99.99% THCa isolate. This gets the isolate to stick to the buds without adding any unnatural ingredients! From here, we let the buds cure for a day so the moisture goes away, and then the snowballs get packed in our bags, sealed, and sent to you.

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1G Cali Kush, 3.5G Cali Kush, 7G Cali Kush, 14G Cali Kush, 1oz Cali Kush


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