Exotic THCa Flower – 🔥 1oz VARIETY PACK


Notice: Smalls 28g bundle is our hot seller, and we don’t always have 4 strains of smalls in stock. You guys love our smalls so much they disappear as soon as we drop them! AND WE LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!! But… keep in mind, just because we have the smalls bundle available, doesn’t mean you will get 4 different strains. We will get you as much variety as we can for ANY of the bundles you order, but we work with small batches and when strains sell out, we may still offer bundles, they just may not be all different strains. Either way, we know you’re going to love it because we only pick up FIRE strains. Stay blessed fam! -Will G

Bundle up and save on a half or full ounce of your favorite THCa flower strains:

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1G Jealousy Runtz, 3.5G Jealousy Runtz, 7G Jealousy Runtz, 14G Jealousy Runtz, 1oz Jealousy Runtz


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